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Your guide to John Luther Adams' mass percussion masterpiece

Inuksuit FAQs

What is Inuksuit?
Inuksuit is a concert-length work (approximately 70 minutes) for massed percussion ensemble, in which the performers are widely dispersed and move throughout a large, open area.


Who wrote Inuksuit and what’s it all about?
It’s written by Festival Featured Composer, John Luther Adams. A passionate environmentalist, John was inspired by the stone sentinels constructed over the centuries by the Inuit in the windswept expanses of the Arctic.


Where and when will it take place?
For the Vale of Glamorgan’s unique take on this work, we’re bringing Inuksuit to the green jewel in Cardiff’s crown; Bute Park. The focus will be at the south end of the park; in Cooper’s Field, around the Stone Circle and ruins of Blackfriars Friary and along the river bank running up to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.


The main performance will be at 4pm on Wednesday 28 September 2022. However, we’ll be running rehearsals throughout that day, and if you wander through the park on either Tuesday 27 or Wednesday 28 September, you’re likely to see and hear us in action.


Who’s performing?
Inuksuit will be led and performed by Grammy-nominated Sandbox Percussion, along with approximately 40 professional, student and keen amateur performers.


What will the event be like for me?
Inuksuit invites exploration and discovery of the relationship between the music and the site, as well as the musicians’ interactions with both. This is the ultimate surround sound piece; wherever you sit, stand, wander, or picnic, you will create for yourself a truly unique listening experience.


Fun fact:
The word “Inuksuit” translates literally: “to act in the capacity of the human”.


Do I need a ticket?
No; this is a free event suitable for all ages and for the whole community, and you can drop in and out at any stage. However, we would like people to register for a free e-ticket, so that we know to expect you!


Are there any other ways to get involved:
Yes! There are lots of other ways to be involved in this once in a lifetime event; have a look at all the options below. And take a look at the video at the top of the page to get an idea of what Inuksuit will look and feel like.


Are you a percussion player? Whether it be professional, amateur, or just for fun, if you have some experience of playing percussion instruments, can read conventionally notated music and fancy playing in the event, just get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Schools and Students

In partnership with Arts Active we will be running workshops, with Sandbox Percussion led by Helen Woods, and providing learning materials for GSCE and A-Level music and composition students. If you or your school want to come along to a workshop, or to receive the learning materials prepared around this project, just get in touch with Arts Active.

Volunteering and financial support

This is a massive undertaking for the Vale of Glamorgan Festival, and we would welcome any support to make the event happen. If you’d like to help us staff the event, even for an hour or two, please do get in touch. Or perhaps you can provide tents, gazebos, bottled water, hand sanitiser, portable toilets, or would like to financially contribute to these items. Whatever you might be able to help with, please do get in touch via the contact form below.

Thanks to our funders

We are extremely grateful to the Colwinston Trust, and to Ty Cerdd, who have committed funds specifically to support this expansive project. Without them, it just wouldn’t have been possible.

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